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About AlyaCom : history and vision

/ Our commitment : your efficiency

  • Founded in 2009, AlyaCom took its roots in Brittany, in the heart of a telecommunication expertise center.

  • Experienced, AlyaCom advises you and helps your team to become more efficient.

  • Reactive and competitive, AlyaCom imagines innovative and effective mobile remote management devices, tailored to your needs.


/ Our knowledge and skills

Remote management

Our mobile remote management allow you to remotely manage your work: Real-time scheduling, messaging, tracking, calendar, geo-applications, reporting...

Mobiles solutions

Simple and appropriate, our mobile solutions facilitate the work of your employees.

Web services and SaaS solutions

Flexible: our AlyaManager platform operates in SaaS (Software as a Services) mode . It is accessible from anywhere in the world through your everyday tools: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone..
Performance: AlyaManager can securely synchronize your mobile devices (tablets, smartphones...) and your business data through an MDM solution (Mobile Device Management).
Interoperable: AlyaManager communicates automatically with your backoffice software (CRM, ERP...)
Unified: AlyaManager platform offers collaborative solutions between multiple actors.


Our applications use the latest in-the-field operation traceability technology (NFC, GPS, signature capture, QRCode...).

Tailor made

If necessary, our mobile applications can be customized to meet your specific needs.


Effective and economical, our mobile applications are optimized to achieve your goals and make you more efficient and effective.

/ Our commitments


  • Support
  • Advice
  • Reliability


  • Expertise
  • Ergonomy
  • Scalability
  • Interoperability


  • Customer care
  • Assistance
  • Costs efficiency
  • Mobile consumption cost control