AlyaManager – EN


Your business control tower to manage your team in real time


/ Operational Management

AlyaManager supervision sofware offers a high-performance and operational management of all your professional activities : planning, real time communication, track and trace solutions, routing, navigator, security,..

Stay connected with your teams and manage them in real time remotely with our supervising tools and our direct communication solutions.

In addition, our generating reports, reporting as well as our specific applications for your business, allow you to follow your team's progress as if you were by their side.

Geo applications

  • Geocoding and Geomarketing
  • Geofencing
  • Planning
  • Routing systems
  • Real time field geolocation and tracking
  • Automatic mileage cost calculation and control (Fastrack,...)


  • Instant Messaging solution : multi-directionnal text messaging solution
  • Blocked phone book

Applications specifics to your business

  • NFC tags editing systems
  • QrCode tags editing systems
  • Signature managing solution
  • Remote video diagnostic
  • DMS (Document Management System)

Generating reports (Reporting)

  • Clippings according to various criteria
  • "From your prepared data sources, get a rapid report of PivotTables, charts of all kinds. Through the generators state, provide professional reports fully integrated with your internal applications."


/ Management and mobile supervision (Mobile Device Management - MdM)

  • With AlyaManager MdM you manage and supervise all your mobile fleet in real time :.

  • Supervision and management has never been as effective, efficient and as safe.


/ SaaS and Web Services solutions

With AlyaManager, you stay in touch with your teams to collaborate in real time from everywhere in the world. You just need a browser (Explorer, chrome, safari, Firefox,..) and a terminal (PC, tablet, smartphone,..)

Your data is synchronized in real time on each connected mobile device.

You can creat a web business network

  • Build a collaborative platform with your clients,
  • Inform your clients in real time about your services : where, when, how,..

Data Flow

  • Data collecting
  • Data processing
  • Secure server