AlyaMobil CARE


a full range of mobile applications
to manage health care services


/ Increase efficiency with our mobile applications

  • Easily manage your medical and paramedical mobile teams with the AlyaMobil CARE application range.

  • Whether you are directly in contact with the patient or you manage the operations at a distance, AlyaMobil CARE makes your life easier.

  • UNICARE: our new collaborative platform that can bring together within a unified information systems all the actors of home care.

Do you run a medical or paramedical team?

With AlyaMobil CARE:

  • Manage all interventions directly through the mobile internet
  • Set and change your employees schedules at any time
  • Follow each operation with precision
  • Interact with your team remotely, easily and quickly
  • Individualize your operations based on field information (targeted transmissions, biometric sensors, medical dictionaries, analysis software, patient records ...)
  • Synchronize your information and data onto one single application (CRM, software planning / management, ERP ...)

You are in contact with the patient?

With AlyaMobil CARE :

  • Manage your  planning and tasks on a practical and complete application. wherever you are, get your schedule updated in real time
  • Report your actions in real time with an intuitive and fast handling of our application : Virginie Henderson Charts, ...
  • Trace your work with new technology (GPS, QR Code, NFC Technology...)
  • Exchange and communicate with your colleagues (Voice, SMS, video, text messaging ...)
  • Use a terminal adapt to your specific work: smartphone or tablet
  • AlyaCom exclusive: customize your application and use features that suits your business (medical dictionaries, record each patient analysis software ...)
  • AlyaCom exclusive: travel with confidence thanks to our worker displacement protection application (solution PTI / Dati) and location
Supervise from a distance and communicate easily with your team
A powerful and innovative tool dedicated to paramedics

Your teams carry with them everything necessary to monitor properly each patient’s personnel file, the information about its surroundings, its volunteers or professional caregivers, the care plan, the situation’s evolution(targeted transmissions) …

Effective, simple and suitable

The standardized and easy interface offers a direct and intuitive handling. You do not have to adapt to our applications, our applications adapt to you.

Communication and exchanges with ease

You communicate directly with your teams. Your messages and mission orders are automatically sent to your mobile workforce and a delivery report will ensure the smooth running of operations.

Applications to your image

Intuitive and simple, our applications are tailored according to each of your needs (state personal data, software interface …).

Effective team management

You effectively supervise all your teams anytime and anywhere. Our applications are intuitive and easy to use. No special knowledge or computer skills are required to enjoy their benefits.


With optimized schedules, the worker protection device (PTI / Dati) and our geo applications, you know where your teams are and are immediately notified in the event of unexpected or accident.

The data is protected throughout the information exchange system (HTTPS Protocol and secure servers).

A simplified monitoring for improved efficiency

With the new generation AlyaManager back office and SaaS option, you control the action live from any connected computer or tablet.

You work more confidently and efficiently in the field
Your tasks directly

From the dynamic schedule and patient records, events and interventions are updated in real time. New appointments and follow-up care, everything is synchronized directly with delivery reports to confirm that the events are running smoothly.

Reports complete and accurate

The mobile terminal reporting system communicates in real time with your ERP / planning. Every information is transferred immediately, with general and medical data evolution visualization.

Better performance and higher efficiency

We implement applications that meet your needs with a simple and quick to pick up user interface.

Safety and efficacy

You are never alone, even in a totally isolated place or in case of an accident. Our security, movement protection applications and geolocation ensures a dynamic tracking of your operations and keeps an eye on you.

Complete and accurate history

With event traceability and timestamp operations, you have access to the full transactions history.

Tailored applications

Specific to your business, our services integrate third-party applications to facilitate your operations and improve efficiency.

Immediate and direct exchanges

You communicate with your colleagues in real time through the intuitive interface (voice or data mode).

Useful and effective geo applications (optional)

Do not waste time, GPS and our geo applications take care of everything (cost calculations mileage, route search, navigation …)