AlyaMobil PRO – EN

Mobile remote management applications for your productivity in the field


 /Boost your efficiency with our mobile apps

  • Manage and supervise your professional mobile teams with our range of AlyaMobil PRO applications.
  • Whether you are near the action or directing remote interventions, AlyaMobil PRO optimizes your operations and improves your efficiency.

You direct the interventions?

With AlyaMobil PRO :

  • Manage live schedules of your employees (Pllaning, Optimization, ..)
  • Follow all real-time interventions with Mobile Internet mode,
  • Manage your remote teams easily and efficiently,
  • Trace and time stamp field operations,
  • Communicate in real time with your mobile teams via our multi-directional messaging and our voice solution,
  • Geolocate your teams,
  • Synchronize your business information with your business software package in backoffice (management / planning software, CRM, ERP ...),
  • Take advantage of customized business applications according to your needs (Photos, remote diagnosis, maintenance sheet, after-sales service, inventory management, order taking, reporting ...)

Your collaborators ?

With AlyaMobil PRO

  • Consult at a glance your orders of intervention on a suitable mobile terminal (on tablet and smartphone),
  • Receive in real time their new missions,
  • Point in a second the arrival and departure of your customers thanks to new traceability technologies (QrCode, NFC badges, GPS ...)
  • Easily fill out their mission reports thanks to a simple and immediate handling and multimedia tools: remote diagnosis, photos, constant readings, ....
  • Zero Paper Solution
  • Have an application adapted to each of your activities (report, record of intervention, inventory management, order taking ...),
  • Communicate easily with their colleagues thanks to a multi-directional solution (messaging and voice ...),
  • AlyaCom exclusivity: work safely thanks to the geolocation and protection systems of the isolated worker on the move (PTI / DATI solution)
Opt for a complete and efficient monitoring of your teams
  • A real control tower of operations

You effectively manage all your teams, even remotely. Intuitive and easy to use, our personalized and intelligent applications require no special training to be operational.

  • Adapted, simple and effective

An innovative, simple and intuitive user interface gives you an immediate and easy grip. Our applications adapt to you and not the other way around. Terminals can be rugged to withstand harsh environments (IP67).

  • Exchange and communicate easily

Your teams are always reachable and receive your messages in real time. Your instructions are immediately visible on all connected mobiles.

  • When security rhymes with serenity

You know the exact position of your employees at all times and are directly informed in the event of an accident or unforeseen event. Our geoapplications as well as the optimized schedules and the system of protection of the isolated worker (PTI / DATI) take care of your teams.

  • Easier and more efficient management

The next-generation SaaS back office allows you to monitor each intervention live from any connected tablet and computer.

  • Customized for your activity

Our mobile applications can be customized to meet your needs (followed by stocks and orders, software interface, personalized data status ...).

Improve your productivity in the field
  • Your schedule in real time

With the dynamic calendar, all the information about a mission is synchronized live, including the technical file of each mission. Modifications of missions, appointments ... everything is synchronized.

  • Detailed and detailed reports

With the direct integration with the management system, your reports are transmitted directly and you can visualize in real time the evolution of information for each intervention.

  • Smart and useful geo-applications

Thanks to our smart app, no more wasted time with route searches, calculations or mileage reports, it does it for you.

  • Become more efficient and more efficient

With your collaboration, we implement applications with an intuitive interface and meeting all your needs.

  • Move serenely

Geolocation and our protection and safety devices during travel ensure a dynamic follow-up of your operations and take care of you in case of accident or unforeseen in an isolated place.

  • Full traceability

Timestamping of operations, geolocation and traceability of operations, mission reports ... give you a detailed and very complete history of all operations.

  • Integration of third-party applications

Our mobile applications will be able to integrate into your information system according to your needs: inventory management, order taking, shared technical file, technical sensors, shared directory ...

  • Simplified communication and data exchange

All your exchanges and communications are perfectly controlled thanks to our practical and intuitive business interface (date mode / voice mode).