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a full range of mobile applications to manage personal care services


/ Improve your efficiency with our mobile applications

  • Manage your human service activities simply thanks to the AlyaMobil SERVICE applications range.

  • Whether you are directly in the field or you're supervising outside operations, AlyaMobil SERVICE makes your life easier.

You supervise a team in real time ?

With AlyaMobil SERVICE:

  • Organize your teams schedules directly - edit, add and delete missions -
  • Manage and communicate with your teams remotely and with ease
  • Check all transactions in real time using the new tracking techniques (NFC technology, QrCode, GPS,..)
  • Automatically Synchronize your data with your business applications (CRM, planning / management, ERP ...)
  • Geolocate your interventions accurately in real time
  • Use customize applications to suit your needs
  • Check your monthly costs with our data exchange technology to optimize interactions with mobile networks. No surprises at the end of the month.
  • ZERO paper

You are in the field?

With AlyaMobil SERVICE:

  • Check your schedule updated in real time
  • Easily manage your operations
  • With a single gesture, you can find the details of each of your missions
  • Move easily with our built-in navigator (Google maps)
  • Explore the history of your actions: number of hours worked, miles traveled ...
  • Communicate quickly and easily with colleagues - voice and text messaging -
  • AlyaCom exclusive : enjoy a simplified ergonomic interface
  • AlyaCom exclusive : work safely with an automatic safety geolocation systems and worker displacement protection (solution PTI / Dati)
Supervise all of your teams at a glance for greater efficiency
Overall team supervision

Manage simply and control effectively all your teams anywhere and at anytime. Our intuitive applications are easy to use and require no special skills or knowledge from your mobile teams.

Simple, effective and responsive

The unique ergonomic application interface, appreciated by thousands of users, gives you an immediate and easy handling. Our mobile solutions are tailored to your needs and your business.

Optimal and easy communication

Communicate directly with your team without wasting time. Send off your instructions and your teams can get strait to work: keyboard shortcuts, shared directory, individual or group messaging …

Safety first

With our optimized schedule applications and lone worker protection (PTI / Dati), follow your individual employees at anytime and immediately inform them in case of an unexpected or an accident.

Easy management for improved quality

With the new generation of back office and the SaaS mode, directly supervise operations from any connected computer or tablet.

Tailor made applications

Intuitive and ergonomic, our applications are customized according to your business needs (Software interface state custom data …).

Save time and efficiency in the field
Your schedule in real time

With the dynamic agenda, all your events are synchronized in real time. All events (new appointments, mission changes …) are immediately forwarded to recipients and delivery reports confirm smooth operations.

Detailed and immediate reports

Directly integrated into the management system, your accounts are transferred immediately. The entire job information is provided at the same time.

Geo applications at your service

Finished with route researches, mileage calculations and statements, GPS …. Our geo applications work for you.

More efficiency

Users benefit from easy to use mobile devices and improve their work conditions. The information exchanged between players in real time can improve field operation efficiency.

Secure travel

With dynamic monitoring operations via geolocation and our protection and secure travel applications, you are never alone, even in unforeseen circumstances or accidents in totally isolated places.

A comprehensive traceability

With timestamp operations, geographical applications and tracking events you get a complete and accurate monitoring of operations.

Applications modeled on your needs

In line with each of your needs, we provide simple and ergonomic user interfaces. Our business applications are specific to each activity and capable of integrating third-party applications to facilitate your missions.

Immediate and secure communications

Master all your communications and message exchanges through the intuitive business interface, both in voice and data mode.

If necessary, professional data can be destroyed remotely with your protected mobile.