Working together

Working together : active collaboration for your business' success

AlyaCom is at your Service and accompanies you throughout your project.

/ Step 1 : listen

Needs analized and context studied

To know you and understand your business, to better meet your expectations, this is the objective of this listening phase.

The goal is simple: from a thorough analysis of your requirements and after studying the context of your business, we define all your real needs to establish the most suitable solution for your business.

For AlyaCom, communication is paramount and is the basis of our work. We work together as a team for your success.

/ Step 2 : reply

Solutions and customization

Clearly defining your needs, we offer customized solutions.

These are unique and personalized. Together we discuss them and continually refine again and again so that they best meet your expectations.

AlyaCom imagines, according to your needs, unique, appropriate and effective, tailor-made solutions.

/ Step 3 : organize

Setting, planning and coordination partners

Once your specifications are defined and agreed, we schedule and adjust your mobile remote management solution, tailored for your business.

Our mission is to organize and harmonize your jointly defined business solutions. You should able to use them turnkey, intuitively and immediately.

AlyaCom pays particular attention to the implementation of your project, with in sight to improve your efficiency.

/ Step 4 : deploy

Validation, installation and training

Your range of applications has been developed, a test phase and validation precedes the actual implementation of your various mobile devices.

In parallel, we support all of your employees in the handling of their new mobile devices. Simple, effective and intuitive, our solutions do not require long hours of training.

In AlyaCom, we strive to develop simple and effective solutions. They are suitable for immediate and intuitive control.

/ Step 5 : support

Assistance and fit your needs

The solutions are in place, ready to be used and make you more efficient in your daily tasks.

However, our work does not stop there. We remain at your side, always ready to help you, to advise and to adjust our solutions if necessary. We build throughout our cooperation, a relationship of trust.

In AlyaCom, we work closely with you before, during and after the process of setting up our remote management solutions.